Management Services

Management services are tailored to the clients’ goals and objectives.

First, Bradley Land Group will provide an initial property assessment that includes the following:

  • Background and document research
  • Interview former project team members
  • Interview appropriate government agencies
  • Site assessment
  • Identify health, safety and general liability concerns
  • Identify code compliance concerns, e.g., storm water runoff
  • Identify tasks requiring immediate attention
  • Provide written project report with photographs
  • Provide expert advice and recommendations

Next, provide an exit strategy based on the following:

  • Entitlement assessment
  • Political, environmental and development constraints analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Assessment of improvement bonds, subdivision agreements and insurance policies
  • Assessment of HOA and governance documents
  • Cost to complete analysis
  • Prepare written project proforma along with project buildout schedule (various scenarios)
  • Provide expert advice and recommendations

Finally, provide the following asset management and disposition services:

  • Development Agreement representation and renegotiation
  • Completion or revision of entitlements to reflect altered market reality
  • Contract directly with professionals and subcontractors for project completion
  • Regular project cost-to-complete and schedule updates
  • Project management through project completion including acceptance by local authorities
  • Initiate sales and marketing process
  • Coordinate with clients’ brokers to position the asset to realize its highest value
  • Provide expert advice and recommendations
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